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In today’s modern world everyone want to looks smarter the people who are overweight worry to weight loss and people who are underweight do research to weight gain. People suffering with obesity usually worry about their diet plans because losing weight is more typical thing to do. There are numerous exercises that people find difficult to do. Ideal body weight and height is most necessary to remain the fit forever. Most celebrities’ designs their diet plans to remain fit. If they will remain fit they will do their best in their career. As you know that skipping meal does not going to do anything rather it will create weakness in you and lead to many other deficiencies in your body. You will have to do some efforts if you want to lose weight and want the body shape like of your favourite celebrity. First of all you will have to follow the three things:
 First do make plan, second follow that without any procrastination, third do exercise on daily basis that you prefer the most. These all things will help you in losing weight. Also set the target of how much weight loses you want to lose and how much weight must you have like of your celebrity. After all these, things try to achieve your target in the time you had allocated for losing weight.

You know the most famous bollywood heroin Katrina kaif in her title song Chikni Chambeli did her weight lose because it was the requirement of her film’s song. She, in his interview, said that she just take juices and healthy food like fruits and bread. She had avoided the junk foods at all.

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Note this that all the diet plans are not safe for you. If you are a female and also a professional or student than you need to know that you have to do a lot of work for which you want the proper diet plan. Here are some pieces of advice for you:
 1. Go to your family doctor and ask him whether you are fit and have no weaknesses and you do not lack any vitamins and do not have any other problem.
2. Than make your diet plans like, take one glass of milk in breakfast and two toasts, avoid junk foods it will give you harm and also avoid sweets and chocolates.

I know the zinger is the love of all but do avoid it keep in mind you have to lose weight and make your body to looks like your celebrity. Weight gain is easy but weight lose is much difficult. Many actor and actress tolerate the hardship that’s why they become famous in all over the world. The plan must be simple and easy to be follow. Nutrition quality in your diet plan must be kept best. Also remember that female body needs 2200 to 2800 calories per day and male body requires 3000 to 3500 calories per day so do not cut huge amount of calories from your diet plan and do not forget to add fruits in your diet plan. Here are some examples of the celebrities diet plans like Jennifer Hudson she was become the centre of focus due to her fat body but she loses her weight and she achieved her target of getting her body slim like slender from the amazing size of 16 to 6. She did this by controlling her portion of diet and through exercise. She said that she had changed her lifestyle to lose her weight. Oprah Winfrey was also known as ‘Fat Wagon’ but it is so astonishing that she loses her weight of 25 pounds from 60 pounds, at the age of 58. According to Oprah as she had shared her diet plan she said that she took the diet plan of mix fruits, veggies, fish, chicken and lean meat. Drew carey, a funny guy, also lose his weight as he is also a type two diabetic patient instead of this disease he set himself to achieve the target and he lose almost 8o pounds. He shared his diet plan, said, he take diet high in proteins, fruits, veggies are the part and parcel and he also follow a tough medical treatment of 45 minutes of Cardio sit times in a week. [url=John Goodman]John Goodman[/url] had 368 pounds he is now 61 and he lose his weight about 100 pounds. He quit the drinking, cut sugar from his diet and is taking low calorie food with high protein and nutrition.

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If you are a male and want to lose your body weight then remember you are a professional and if you would cut huge calories from your diet you will be sick. So, do your meal nutritious but totally cut down the junk food and sweet as well as chocolates. Avoid taking diet pills they have strong side effects for your health you can lose weight very quickly through this but also you will weight gain soon along with other diseases. Say a big no to junk foods, lose weight and be healthy!!!


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