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Be in the spotlight and in the centre of focus of all the masses is the earnest desire of the individuals for which the ideal body weight and height is necessary.  Many individuals try to become models and want to be in the focus of every ones eye. In today’s vibrant media it is very to give and take information and however social media is centre of focus of every. Electronic media is visible fail in front of print and electronic media. As it is the matter of fact that normal body weight and height is also necessary for good health it make singles to looks smarter. Some people are underweight and some are overweight while underweight individuals can make weight gain ideal but it is very tough to lose weight for the person who is suffering with obesity. Everyone wants attractive figure particularly young girls are very conscious about their weight and body looks. So, here are some information for you about the ideal and normal body height and weight.

The females are in particular take care of their body weight but now males are also doing care about it. Usually, celebrities have the ideal body weight and height. If according to the BMI (Body Mass Index) chart you are underweight or overweight and if you are thinking to become a celebrity, model or actor you will have to do many efforts. Usually, the ideal and normal body weight and height for females are 5’3 and 5’4 along with the body weight of 45 to 48. For males the ideal body weight and height is 5’7 to 6 FT with the weight of 60 to 75.

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There are many celebrities you know in the united states that have ideal body weight and height. Like Rihanna’s figure is so pretty and attractive. Scarlett Johansson has body weight of 57kg and height 160 cm put her in the list of ideal body weight and height. The actual reason of these entire things is to be watch pretty much attractive. Common populace generally observe keenly to the celebrities and all the film industry in their movies want to make perform the most famous and top notch celebrity in their films. And ordinarily the films that break the records are base on the acting of the actors working for the film. It counts their enthusiasm as well. The BMI chart is devised to help the common masses in this regard. If you want to become an actor or actress you will have to do special care on your body. If you want to become the actor or actress or anything else than one thing is sure you must give your proper and due attention towards your diet. Diet is the most important segment of your life. All the weight and height is related to your diet. If you have sound diet than it is sure you are healthy. If you are underweight you can make quick weight gain. For proper diet you must check the diet chart that how much calories are needed by you in everyday life. There are almost 2200 to 2500 calories are required for females body and for man it goes more high from 2800 to 3500 calories. For the teenager’s child 1800 to 220 calories are needed per day. Apart from this, one who does weight gain very quickly they are required to burn their calories. Jogging and walking is the mandatory for you. In the morning after jogging you will have to do the exercise and if you do yoga than it is superb. You are going to be very active during whole day besides you will get peace of mind body. Lastly it is good to note this that your ambition is high and you are going to do something different and all you need is to get attention and watching different from others in your field. Do remember that normal body weight and height is the catchiest thing you need to get if you lack.

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