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Gisele Bundchen Net Worth 2016, Earnings | Salary and WealthGo down 
Gisele Bundchen
Birthday Birthday :  1980-07-20
birthplace birthplace :  Brazil
Birth Sign Birth Sign :  Cancer
Age Age :  36


There are a lot of questions about Gisele Bundchen Net Worth forbes in 2016 salary, earnings and Wealth. Gisele Bundchen is a Brazilian Model, her birthday is on July 20, 1980 in Brazil, her birth sign is the Cancer, and her Real name is Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen. How much is Gisele Bundchen Net Worth in 2016? What are Gisele Bundchen sources of Wealth?

Gisele Bundchen who has been popular for being an International super model, and the highest-paid model in the fashion industry in 2004.
Gisele Bundchen married Tom Brady in 2009, they have 2 children.

Gisele Bundchen Net worth (Forbes) Salary and Wealth in 2016:
Gisele Bundchen net worth is $ 360 million
Gisele Bundchen salary per year is $ 40 million
Gisele Bundchen source of wealth: Model

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