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Verne Troyer
Birthday Birthday :  1969-01-01
birthplace birthplace :  Michigan
Birth Sign Birth Sign :  Capricorn
Age Age :  47


A lot of people ask about Verne Troyer net worth forbes in 2016 , salary and wealth, verne troyer is an American Movie actor who is best known for his role as Mini-Me in Austin powers series. So how much is the American Movie Acttor Verne Troyer salary in 2016 ? how much is Verne Troyer net worth in 2016 ? What are Verne Troyer sources of Wealth ?

Biography :
Verne Troyer is an American Movie Actor who was born in Michigan, USA, he is best known for his role as Mini Me in the popular Austin Pawers comedian series, he is nicknamed Mini Me, Verne Troyer started acting since he was nine-month-old in John Hughes Baby’s Day out film. He played Also a goblin in the famous Saga Harry porter.
He is one of the shortest men of the world due to cartilage-hair hypoplasia dwarfism.
Verne Troyer’s mother is the factory worker Susan and his father is Reuben, he married Genevieve Gallen in 2004, but it was annulled the following day.
Verne Troyer has a several works in TV or Films we cite :
Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone for the role of the goblin, Keith Lemon for the role of Archimedes, and The love Guru for the role of the Coach Punch Cherkov. Also TV works as Whose line is it Anyway and Through the Keyhole

Verne Troyer Net Worth salary and wealth in 2016:
Verne Troyer Net Worth is $10 million
Verne Troyer salary per year is not available
Verne Troyer source of wealth are movies

Pictures and Photos of Verne Troyer:
Verne Troyer at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival

Verne Troyer, Terry Gilliam, Andrew Garfield, Amy Gilliam at the 62nd edition of Cannes Festival