Shoenice Height, Weight, Net Worth

Shoenice Height, Weight, Net Worth

Shoenice or Christopher Schewe is a popular YouTube blogger. The online sensation rose to fame after starting eating challenges online. He calls himself “the human garbage disposal.” His YouTube channel is dedicated to eating and drinking stunts by the blogger. The stunts are not your regular food tasting or travel food eating stunts. They include eating things that leave viewers with a dropped jaw.

Shoenice was born in Albany, New York on May 30, 1969. He studied in UAlbany. He was featured on the show Tosh.0 with Daniel  Tosh. Later on, he became a YouTube and comic entertainer.

The YouTube sensation started his journey as a blogger on April 11, 2008, on a YouTube account called Shoenice22. He titled his first post ”SHOENICE22’S FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO…WHAT A CLASSIC !!” this video was not in line with his eating stunts. He spoke about his family members, referring to them as “potheads” or people who think that all problems in the world can be solved by smoking marijuana.

After his video was published, some of his friends recommended that he try a different niche. He had a history of eating weird things in High school and his friends believed it would be a bigger story. So Shoenice decided to try it out and uploaded a video where he was eating paper on both Facebook and YouTube. Since February 23, 2011, he has been eating different items.

Shoenice has eaten so many weird things such as tampons, Pokemon cards, condoms, cat litter and other things that shouldn’t come close to the human mouth. Some other things that Shoenice has eaten include the following:


A full pad of sticky notes

Bottle of body spray

Rubber cement

Glue sticks

A full roll of toilet paper

A full roll of scotch tape

Engine oil

Nail polish remover with the polish


A full bottle of glue



Silly Putty

A bottle of wasabi


A full can of shaving cream

20 pcs of bubble gum that has been chewed and swallowed


Burning matches

A jar of Vaseline

A large bottle of rubbing alcohol

One cup of baby powder

Shoenice net worth

Shoenice makes most of his money from YouTube ads on his channel. It isn’t really easy to calculate earnings on YouTube, but the average price for 1,000 views is around $2. The first YouTube channel owned by Shoenice had about 95 million views. The new channel has approximately 1.7 million views.

His net worth has grown significantly in 2019 and keeps growing. Many online resources report that Shoenice has an estimated net worth of $1 – 10 million. Last year, his net worth was estimated to be around $500k – $1 million. This may vary in different sites since celebrities do not openly declare their earnings to the public.

Shoenice height

The online sensation’s height is not known at this time. His weight is also not available. Shoenice is very private about his personal life. We were unable to find much about his relationship or family life.