Kenny Kox

5ft 10 (178cm)


Instagram Star


Birth date

October 3, 1997



Michigan, USA



Kenny Knox is an internet celebrity, who became famous through now-shut Vine app, where he actively collaborated with many other Viners. He managed to gather a mass of 1.5 million followers on his Vine account. Kenny also created a YouTube channel in 2014 which has close to 29,000 followers. He remains extremely popular on Instagram with around half a million subscribers.

He is also one of the leading social marketing influencers working in collaboration with an agency known as ‘Viral nation’.


Initial Years

He started posting his own videos on Vine in 2014 prior to which he was reVining other’s content.



Kenny’s parents’ names and occupations are unknown. He has three siblings: younger and older brothers and an older sister.


Personal Life

He is also known as Edward Kenneth Knox. Kenny lives in Los Angeles in a rented apartment.