Elizabeth Warren measurements, height, weight, net worth

Elizabeth Warren measurements, height, weight, net worth

Elizabeth Warren is a politician, a member of the Democratic party and an educator. She is currently serving as a Massachusetts senator in the united states. The educator was born in Oklahoma City on June 22, 1949. Her name at birth was Elizabeth Ann Herring. She was born to Donald and Pauline Herring and was the youngest child out of four.

Warren schooled in Oklahoma city’s Northwest Classen High School. Then she went on to study at George Washington University. As an excellent student, she attended the university on a full debate scholarship. The educator also completed her BS degree from the University of Houston Pathology and Audiology department in 1970. She got a JD degree in 1976 from Rutgers University.

Elizabeth Warren career

Warren always had a flair for education and she started her career off as an educator. She took up a job at Rutgers School of Law sometime in 1977. A year after this, she changed her sights to the university of Houston law center. Warren worked in that position for at least 6 years before leaving in 1983.

The politician has worked as an educator in several other universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Texas, Harvard law school and the University of Michigan. While she was a professor, warren conducted research on personal finance and bankruptcy.

In 1995, the National Bankruptcy Review Commission tapped Warren to serve as an advisor. She was a member of the Advisory Committee of Economic Inclusion of FDIC. She served in this position from 2006 to 2010. In November 2008, warren was selected to head the Congressional Oversight Panel. During this time, Warren got to oversee different crucial topics such as the impact of the TARP or Troubled Asset Relief Program on financial markets. Later on, she served as a special advisor to the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. She served in this capacity from 2010 to 2011.

In September 2011, Warren announced that she intends to run for the senate for Massachusetts. At the time, Barack Obama was president and he endorsed her during a campaign speech in 2012. She was victorious in the polls and defeated the incumbent who was a republican called Scott Brown with more than 53% vote. In January 2013, Warren was sworn in and in January 2017, she became the Vice-Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus while Chuck Schumer was the leader. She was also an ardent supporter of Hilary Clinton, the Democratic nominee during the 2016 presidential run. She has opposed President Donald Trump and other cabinet picks such as Alabama Jeff sessions.

Elizabeth Warren personal life

Elizabeth Warren is 5 feet 8 inches tall and is of Native American ancestry. She married her high school sweetheart, Jim Warren and had two children alexander and amelia. The couple split in 1978 after ten years and she remarried Bruce Mann in 1980. Mann works as a legal historian and law professor at Harvard.

Elizabeth warren net worth

Warren has an estimated net worth of $14.5 million. At the moment, she has a home worth $5 million and her salary is about $174,000 annually as a US Senator. Also, she made approximately $425, per year from her time as a professor at Harvard.